Special Events


Scrap Metal Drop-off

May 20 through 28, 2019.  This drop-off is once a year.  Each year the dates will be announced.

Fisherman's Tournament

May 25 & 26.  Sign-up begins 7 - 8 am and 11-11:30 am  

Annual Board Meeting

August 10, 2019 - 1:00 p.m. at Shelter House



Lake Water


 We had some concern about water quality due to a blue/green form around the lake.  The DNR came out  and looked at the lake.  There response is as follows: 

"That is definitely blue green algae.  It usually gets going as water temperatures rise, and we are already seeing water temperatures in the 70s.  The cause is usually high levels of nutrients built up over time in the lake (older lake, houses and yards next to lake) plus excessive runoff from the watershed and rising temperatures.  This year, with all the rain, we will be seeing this in many ponds and lakes.  It could get worse through the summer months as temperatures peak.  Unfortunately, it’s not something you can really treat without causing issues with the oxygen levels, etc.  As long as it is at low levels and not covering a lot of the lake, it should be fine.  Just avoid swimming through the scum and ingesting the water where it is concentrated as much as possible.  Blue green blooms happen on several of our lakes, especially where there is stagnant water in the back of coves.

The lilies are a little confusing.  If they are in very shallow water, a few may be dying from heat stress, though it is not that hot yet.  American Lotus doesn’t care if it is out of water, but I have seen a few places where lilies will die back from the edge of a lake/pond.  If they start to die in deeper water (without spraying), there may be something else going on.

Proposed By-Law

There is a proposed By-Law being voted on in the next 2 months. It is to clarify when payment is due, when the late fee is assessed and when a member is not in good standing.  Please refer to Archives under By-Laws/Leisure Lake Proposed By-law Change 5-11-19

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month.   All members are free to attend.  There is an Annual Board Meeting each year that is held in the Shelter House.  The  date and time will be listed above.   

The Old ELB Building

The lake has purchased the building and plan on renting it out for storage for campers, boat, etc.  It will pay for the building and then will start to generate income for the lake.  More details will be released soon on spaces and cost to rent.

Buoys at the Beach

The buoys at the beach have been replaced.   Work on the swim dock will hopefully be completed soon.